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Grassroots Research Studio

putting practice into policy™️

Grassroots Research Studio offers expertise and support in co-design, qualitative and quantitative research; in program evaluation and in policy and advocacy development. We work in partnership with communities at the grassroots, putting practice into policy. 

Women's Work in the Pandemic Economy

The Unbearable Hazard of Hierarchy

Relating two unique ethnographic studies of women’s economic behaviour during Australia’s COVID-19 crisis, Women’s Work in the Pandemic Economy tells a tale of two economies. The first relates to female workers staffing the ‘care frontline’ of the pandemic and the second details women’s unpaid labour in ‘hyperlocal digital sharing networks’ across the same period.

This book will be of interest to scholars in gender studies, sociology, and economics, particularly those interested in care work, the gift economy, and women’s labour.

“In this complex and thoughtful ethnography author Myfan Jordan has created a fascinating and engaging text. She is one of the first authors to use the concept of the post-capitalist ‘gift economy’ to frame an ethnography of everyday life. This is a unique take on these issues and should be of interest to anyone looking at post-capitalist imaginaries.”

Terrence Leahy, University of Newcastle, Humanities and Social Sciences, Australia. 

Founding Director - Myfan Jordan

Myfan Jordan, Founder, Grassroots Research Studio

Myfan has spent 20 years working with communities at the grassroots: as an advocate and researcher specialising in "bottom-up" research, policy development and program evaluation. She has expertise in ageing, LGBTIQA+, aged care, housing, gender equality, disability and intersectional disadvantage. 

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