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About Grassroots
Research Studio

putting practice into policy™️

Grassroots Research Studio offers expertise and support in co-design, qualitative and quantitative research; in program evaluation and in policy and advocacy development. We work in partnership with communities at the grassroots, putting practice into policy

Our recently published book, Women's Work in the Pandemic Economy - The Unbearable Hazard of Hierarchy is now available. You can read more about it and buy it from the links on the following page on this website.

You may like to read our latest report, 'Generation Expendable? Older Women Workers in the Pandeconomy' here. This Grassroots Research thinkpiece explores workplace experiences and outcomes for women over 40 during the coronavirus pandemic. 

A selection of publications


Coming in 2024
- From toxic workplace to subversive localism; older women in the pandeconomy (a chapter in 'The Handbook of Inequality in Older Age', published by Edward Elgar Publishing)


- Women’s Work in the Pandemic Economy (Palgrave MacMillan)
- Housin
g and Homelessness: Through a Gendered Lens Darkly (Parity Magazine, Aug 2023)
- Cohousing: A natural for universal design


- Pandemic or Endemic? Older women and the toxic workplace 


- Generation Expendable? Older women workers in the pandeconomy 


- Social Housing for an Ageing Population 
- Private Rental Market for Older Australians
- Could the pandemic reshape rental housing?


- Mutual Appreciation: cooperative ageing for women
- Cooperative ageing: Innovative solutions to older women’s precarious housing

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