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Image by Haneen Krimly

About Myfan Jordan

Founding Director
Grassroots Research Studio
Myfan Jordan, Founder, Grassroots Research Studio

Myfan has spent 20 years working with communities at the grassroots as an advocate and researcher specialising in "bottom-up" research, policy development, and program evaluation.

She has expertise in ageing, LGBTIQA+, aged care, housing, gender equality, disability, and intersectional disadvantage. 

She has worked extensively in local government and the non-government sector. She sits on the Board of CoHousing Australia and convenes their Creating Community Working Group.

Myfan is a member of the New Economy Network of Australia, where she co-convenes the Women's Hub, is co-editor of the New Economy Journal, and also a member of La Trobe University’s Care Economy Research Institute

She has published numerous policy briefs, articles and research pieces, including:

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